Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wandering thoughts

It's 6:30 pm and am hanging around in lab waiting for a friend. I thought I should put my web surfing abilities to something productive and convinced myself to start blogging again.

Topic hunting finally led me to write about something abstract like the human mind. I find it fascinating as it's an entity which doesn't have a single concrete definition. And this leads to my perspective on our mind which intrigues me further everytime I think about it.I often wonder about it's intricacies, it's earnest effort to stay occupied,fearing it might get lost amidst others!

Have you ever thought about how the mind is always subconsciously occupied by some thought or the other? It's an incessant cycle and the range of topics is beyond one's imagination. At times, it dreams about the blissful rosy days of the past and those are followed by apprehensive thoughts about the future. I wonder who trained it to think in such a manner and am awed by the lack of control we have on our thoughts.

The very thought about rekindling my blogging habits was brought about in a jiffy by my frivolous mind. I remember a session during the high school days when the prof happened to challenge us into tricking our mind into thinking absolutely nothing. The experiences of my friends were funny and astonishing too! Even the process of ordering one's mind to be blank also counts as a thought! And thus the challenge was an insurmountable one in itself :)

I think this leads to my next blogging topic which would definitely be mind games :)