Saturday, December 4, 2010

Procrastination Woes

As of now, the long made promise of 'Mind Games' will have to wait and the reason is definitely..well the title says it all. Procrastination is a bane in case of a grad student. One could rather call it an integral part of grad life. But well, it's la joie de ma vie! :)

A funny skype conversation with a friend kinda inspired me to blog about it . Thus, I thought it would be wise to 'cast' my thoughts before they 'pro'mote to alie'nate' themselves 'in' oblivion.

The phenomenon is phenomenal in itself and has a comparison to a triggering blast. It reaches it's threshold and makes the victim face the consequences like no other..The very fact that I am sincerely focussed in describing it speaks volumes.

From a hobby point of view,I have always been fond of penning down my thoughts but of late the above addiction has taken a toll on it. The ideas decide to bid adieu as they extend their'best by date'. And then comes the 'staying in touch' facet...I have been promising to catch up with certain friends but there comes the devil again and thanks to it...I was at the receiving end of some very memorable warnings ;) The novel fight and the culinary aspects deserve a mention too but will save it up for later.

But well, it definitely has always brought out the best in me most of the times. The correct points appear magically during the phase of panic attack and are well appreciated. But there's a certain element of Murphy's Law which tags along!

As my brain is being bombarded with gazillion biostat factors(impending final), I think the whole concept can rightly be summarised as : the consequences of procrastination are highly significant at the 95% level the 'null hypothesis' being 'procrastination rules'!

The 'chalta hai...dekh lenge' attitude needs to stop..

So, think twice before the extremely venemous thought leaks into your mind :)