Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Anticipations galore

The word 'anticipation' has numerous interpretations.But in the current context, there are just optimistic thoughts and nothing else. Happened to talk to my parents today morning before their trip to Canada and the excitement was palpable. This would be my mom's first international trip and she was as inquisitive as when I was a kid. She in fact snubbed my dad and said, " ask her (a.k.a me) everything..she knows it right!".And the questions refused to cease.

It's been a while since I took a long vacation and I am definitely looking forward to it more than anything else. If not a trip to India, at least people who really matter will be here :) Planning every minute of the trip be it the flight combos or bullying them into extending their stay was completely worth it.

My mom jokingly asked me..so u got us gifts eh? And I casually retorted..We'll see. Am waiting to surprise them with the goodies soon :)

And thus there's anticipation in every thought..Am counting the days and can't wait to pack my bags n hop on the flight.. More on the travel memoirs later!