Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Tinkle legacy

The morning brought about mixed emotions today. As I stared at NDTV while sipping hot chocolate, the news of Anant Pai's (popularly known as Uncle Pai) demise took time to sink in. Amidst Gaddafi hogging the limelight, I was glad that the news featuring Uncle Pai gained precedence over the disgraced leader.It's a couple of hours of incubation and I thought it would be best to pen down my experiences about a person whom I value so much.

The brainchild of Uncle Pai...ACK's and Tinkle defined my childhood days.The visuals from Akbar Birbal and the twin monsters brought back fond memories. They were the best reads and the fav choice for bedtime stories. Summer vacations way back in school involved long train journeys to Calcutta and I could be easily bribed with tonnes of Tinkles and ACK's much to the delight of my parents. Guess I have every single volume stacked on my shelf till date :)

I vividly remember the plays we enacted ...and the animated reading sessions ranging from the hilarious Gopal the jester to the jataka tales...

These books were an integral part of my formative years and words fail me when I try to explain their importance!I attribute my minuscule knowledge of Indian mythology to ACK .

The *twinkle* of Tinkle is no more but I hope that there is an 'Amar' to carry on the legacy!

RIP Uncle will be missed loads!

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