Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random thoughts

It's been a while since my trip to Canada and post-vacation blues have finally decided to cease.

As a part of post-vacation resolution, I decided to devote sometime to nurture my hobbies everyday be it writing or narrations. While working on a narration for an informal gathering, I came across a website with Tagore's lyrics in English which were a God sent.

Immediately, I found myself sifting through a plethora of lovely lyrics. It reminded me of how Dad used to convert the bengali lyrics to english and Mom would simultaneously explain me the meaning of every word. Tagore was sheer genius.I think that he has penned down a song for every event in our life..however random it might be. Now that I understand it in it's true sense,I just appreciate the culture even more! It's such a pleasure to narrate his poems. The song 'Purano shei diner Kotha' is immortal in itself.

It's due to those early associations with Shahana (the cultural center) that really instilled a lot about the rich culture. Be it the dance rehearsals or the singing classes..those days are cherishable. When I hear about my friends meeting up for upcoming dance rehearsals, I can't help but feel jealous. I intend to read some Tagore plays and Ray's novels soon not to mention self-teach myself some new songs!Hopefully this resolution will stand the test of time ;)

Next on the hit list of my hobbies is writing, something which I love but haven't been able to delve into recently. I happened to listen to this amazing talk on listening and visual skills where in the speaker mentions that we listen and absorb barely a quarter of what's going on in our surroundings. The same goes with the visual senses too. And obviously I am no exception. There are so many wonderful thoughts which we miss out on. So my next seemingly accomplishable aim is to write about something novel daily..however trivial it might be..for sure an archive would be fabulous to resort to later..

I would like to conclude this arbit post with the first song on which I danced as a kid and learnt it in due course.It's by one of my favorite singers Srikanta and depicts the beautiful conversation between kids and fireflies :)

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