Saturday, April 7, 2012

Miniscule spurts of creativity

Back back back after a windy detour!! "Life after quals is rosy"- as my friend put it. On a rather candid note, the stretchy prep time deprived me of this instant high :). But yes, am making no qualms about basking in the warmth of fleeting moments of glory.

I have an achievable checklist of stuff which I had vowed to delve into in the post-exam phase. And foremost of that is splashing colours on a crisp sheet of drawing paper. Sure enough, a trip to the craft store took care of that and I am reliving my painting days as I write this! 2B-4B pencils, charcoal strips, multitude of shades of primaries mingling into secondaries on the palette with sparkles serving as the icing - fun times indeed! 2 hours of frolicking with colors lead to a new artistic creation. I hope I can recreate my touch with the current landscape am attempting. Next on the list are blade painting and some funky glass paints for the candles!

Next in line is the Ladakh travelogue. Procrastination really got the better of me with this one. The memoirs of the blissfully rugged environs definitely deserve to be penned down. Stay tuned in for that :)

And last but not the least, is my sincere attempt is to bank upon my bong origins and learn some awesome desserts. With the reputation of not being too graceful in my culinary endeavours, this specific aim might need a couple of attempts to reach the desired level of significance! Sorry, but the grad student in me had to chip in ;)

Glad that my current priorities extend slightly beyond getting an experiment to work (limited margins though)!! :) 

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