Friday, May 11, 2012


So..the last two weeks ended in a jiffy thanks to busy schedules and lovely visitors..the shopping deserves a mention too! Anyway am back on the blogging circuit! In this 'happening' world, one tends to lose track of what to focus on and what to ignore. I had initially planned on writing about the 'unethical part of the so called ethical research'. And the concept sneaked in from one of my currents reads : The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks' by Rebecca Skloot. A page turner to the core, Skloot wove the facts as a master storyteller. The conscience debates started almost instantaneously. But this will have to wait as am on the final pages. So stay tuned in for that.

Last few weeks have involved a lot of planning...some productive and some not. Thankfully the one which eventually worked out is the one for Mom and Dad. And thanks to that, they are currently en route a vacation in the pristine villages at the foothills of the Himalayas at Uttaranchal. The only tricky thing was to keep Mom completely unaware of it and as luck would have it, she still doesn't know about it! I just received an email from Dad saying that they are en route and Mom still thinks that they are heading to Assam. She repeatedly mentioned that she is looking forward to get a Mekhla sari ( a traditional Assamese silk) for me :). I expected her to get a hint of it atleast while checking the tickets but looks like for once; my idea of a surprise worked! The outing couldn't have been at a better time considering Sunday is Mother's Day. Am waiting for the updates in terms of the detailed reactions soon.

Well, there's loads of unfinished write ups..some nearing the conclusive mark and some not quite there yet...thanks to my classic procrastination skills.

Hopefully, should wrap those up and upload a copy here soon!

Till then..adios

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